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Training & Workshops for Pet Owners and Pet Professionals

offered by Cheryl Orletsky, DogGuru & Founder/Director of Holiday Pet Care


Pet Care Professional Program 

Ever wondered if there was somewhere that offered training to work in the Pet Care Industry?  Well here it is!  A seminar series that covers the basics and the hands-on training for an exciting career as a Dog Daycare Attendant, Dog Walker, Pet Sitter, Kennel Attendant, Veterinarian Assistant, Dog Trainer Assistant, Animal Control Officer, Pet Rescue Worker.

Successful graduates have been quickly hired into various positions - from Attendants to Managers, by local Pet Care Facilities to National Pet Hotels.  Others have started their own Daycare/Boarding Centres or Dog Walking business, and still others have pursued careers as Trainers, Animal Control Officers, Veterinary Assistants, and Veterinarians.

Cheryl Orletsky is the owner of Holiday Pet Care, the highly successful Dog Daycare & Cagefree Boarding Centre, Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service serving York Region since 1998.  As the DogGuru, public speaker and workshop facilitator, Cheryl has been offering her expertise to the Greater Toronto community, and is now giving you the same opportunity to benefit from her knowledge.

Donít miss this opportunity!


Pet Care 101 - Certificate Course      (See registration links for pricing)

See Google Calendar (above) for dates and locations

You will learn about: 

Basic care of different types of pets

Dog Group Dynamics: Play v.s. Fighting, how to supervise & prevent altercations, break up fights safely

Dog-Human Body Language & Communication, understanding dog heirarchy and how it applies 

Basic Dog Training & Behaviour Modification, understanding Operant and Classical conditioning

Administration of Medication, medical terminology, vaccine protocols and parasite treatments

Proper Pet Handling: approach, moving dogs, and restraints 

Basic Grooming/Brushing tools and their use

Procedures for Sanitization  

Following completion of Professional Pet Care 101, Students are welcome to register for any or all of the following:

Dog Daycare Specialty & Practical 201D  (Prerequisite: Pro Pet Care 101, Scheduling is based on facilitator and placement availability)

Techniques learned in Specialties & Practicals will guide you in implementing proper procedures and practices to an above-standard level. By using hands-on techniques you will learn to provide for pets' well-being, demonstrating attentiveness to their needs, safety, feeding, cleanliness, dispensing of medication, as well as the proper sanitization procedures of their environment. While performing the duties of these positions, the intern must be aware that they will be frequently exposed to vomit, urine, stool, saliva, outside weather conditions and noise. 

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Pet First Aid      (See registration links for pricing)

See Google Calendar (above) for dates and locations

This veterinarian-approved, certificate course is recommended for all Pet Lovers, yet is comprehensive enough to provide Pet Care Professionals the needed tools to safely care for other peopleís pets, and to know what to do, should their pet become ill or injured.

In this course, you will learn:

        The importance of preventative care, including how to find out what is "normal" for your pet

        What you can do to avoid illnesses and injuries

        How to help your pet stay healthy and live a long life

        How to recognize and manage all types of injuries - bleeding, bone fractures, contusions, scrapes, punctures, lacerations, strains and sprains

        How to recognize and manage medical conditions/potential emergencies  - seizures, diabetes, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, bloat, shock, poisoning, parasites; breathing emergencies such as choking, and how to perform artificial respiration and CPR

        How to properly restrain and stabilize an injured pet until qualified veterinary care can be obtained

You will practice bandaging, and other techniques on stuffed toy animals, as well as on live animals

Be there when your pet needs you!  Feel confident that you will know what to do, should the time ever come!

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Individual Consultations - In Home Training  

Schedule determined based upon client need and trainer availability.

Visit  call 647-428-3819 to set up a Consultation appointment



Pet Food: It's all the same isn't it?    usually 1.5-2 hours 

Specialty Seminar - Event Planners/Dog Business Owners: Inquire to book for your event

Have you ever been confused by the multitude of Pet Food Brands available? Ever wondered if it really matters which one you choose?

Attend this seminar to get answers to all your questions about feeding your dog or cat. We will explore the dietary needs of dogs and cats, and give you the criteria you need, to choose the right food for your pet and lifestyle. We will summarize popular brands, and invite you to bring labels from your own pet food choices for us to help you analyze.

Everyone wants their pets to live a long and healthy life. Do what you can to provide everything possible to keep your pet at his or her best.

You are sure to go away with a new perspective as well as solid information that you can put to use right away.




The 'Why?' Workshop for Dog Owners   usually 1.5-2 hours

Specialty Seminar - Event Planners/Dog Business Owners: Inquire to book for your event

Have you ever wondered just what your dog is thinking?  What's really going on inside their head?  Why do they do the weird and wacky things they do?

Do you have questions and concerns about your dogs behaviour, but don't think it's quite enough to have to call in a Dog Trainer to consult with?  Have your questions addressed, in a friendly and informative seminar-style evening. 

This session includes a brief discussion on some of the common misbehaviours, fears and phobias, followed by a Question & Answer period to answer your individual concerns.  Questions can cover everything from basic care to behaviour to health concerns. 

Don't miss this great opportunity to have time devoted to everything YOU have always wanted answers to.  As well youíll get the opportunity to hear what others have on their list. 

You are not alone, and there are answers.




My Dog Just Won't Listen To Me!    usually 1.5-2 hours

Specialty Seminar - Event Planners/Dog Business Owners: Inquire to book for your event

Have you ever complained to your friends or family, that your dog just won't listen to you?  Are you or your family tired of having your dog run your household?  Does your dog steal food or clothing or other belongings, get into the garbage, or worse?  Has he or she ever growled or snapped at you or anyone else?  Wouldn't it be nice to have guests come into your house without getting barked at or jumped on?  Don't you wish you could walk down the street without having your dog pull and bark incessantly when other people or dogs pass? 

If you've answered YES to even ONE of these questions, then this introductory course is for you!  You will realize that there IS hope.  This session will give you a new outlook, and some tools to start making changes right away.




Sit Happens    usually 1.5-2 hours

Specialty Seminar - Event Planners/Dog Business Owners: Inquire to book for your event

This course is a follow-up to My Dog Just Won't Listen To Me!

In this workshop we will keep you moving ahead.  You now have an idea as to why your dog wasn't doing what you wanted, so now let's hone in on those skills we taught you, and teach you a few more.  We'll give you a review of what it means to be Top Dog, and why it is so important. 

You may be thinking, "but my dog already knows how to sit"!  Attend this workshop to explore how you can continue to use this very simple tool to enhance your relationship with your dog.  We'll teach you the deeper meaning behind the 'Power of Sit' and help you to take this simple skill that you already know, to the next level. 

Guaranteed, your dog will get it, when "Sit Happens"!




Are You the One For Me? Choosing A Pet  usually 1.5-2 hours

Specialty Seminar - Event Planners/Dog Business Owners: Inquire to book for your event




Registration can be filled out online.    Click on the course listing below to register:

e-mail:   courses @     (note, eliminate spaces when using this email address)

Workshop Info & Booking Line: 647-428-3819


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